ALL FOR THE LOVE OF A GIRL...Set in Cuba, pre and post the Fidel Castro 1958 Revolution, the three generation Fuentes family, Eduardo, Vicente and Emilio, with friends and loved ones, face the fight of a lifetime, not just for survival in a now Communist country continually deteriorating, but in the quest to find a way to Lady Liberty's open arms - to America - and freedom. With factual events woven throughout, this chronicled fictional story, as it unfolds, encompasses the heady days of the American "Mob" who owned & operated the Caribbean Islands glitzy and glamorous hotels, clubs and casinos, a corrupt and  ruling President Batista - and a growing, active dissident, Fidel Castro, that led to the ultimate Cuban Revolutionary uprising. All play key roles in the evolving good and bad fortunes of the Fuentes family as they cross oceans and climb proverbial mountains in their search for the penultimate - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And for the youthful Emilio, he'll move heaven and earth - All For The Love Of A Girl.

Available now via - Click on BOOKS...enter, All For The Love Of A Girl - Peter L Harding and you'll be immediately directed to both the paperback and Kindle/Tablet versions. And thank you for your support of this, my 10th release over the past twelve years. I am so very  grateful for your continued support.

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