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                                   (INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS)


In the 1960’s, Beatlemania raged and youth all over the world responded ending the reign of Elvis Presley and his first wave of raw rock and roll. At the same time, out went the British coinage of Pounds, Shillings and Pence in Australia and in came the decimalized American dollars and cents. The changes were banner lined as exciting, new and different. Both heralded major change…and problems.

         While the Beatles were artistically ‘copied’ spawning a slew of new bands including Delta Connection featuring lead singer, Wayne Rogers, so too did the new currency that attracted expert forgers who ‘copied’ the new notes. Clearly, music and money were - synonymous.

         Larry Billings, a printer and entrepreneur, indulged his passion and did both extremely well. However, he made mistakes! And his brother, Frank, complicated the issue. Sibling rivalry has never changed.

         Cooper Coltraine, a Special Agent with the Federal Police was tasked with tracking down illegal counterfeiters, however, calm and casual as his persona projected, he erred and missed clues, and his boss, Superintendent Tom Jackson, also his friend, had many questions.

         Enter - Susan Jacobs, a Senior Investigator for Australia Transport. Very little ever got past her in her job, however, in meeting Coltraine, tested, it would be both fortuitous and dangerous. Coltraine saw work related benefit, but do great minds think alike and do opposites attract…or?

         Inspired by true events, Behind Covered Windows has many twists and turns through music and money, also people...who only had one mission in mind – to win! The question remains, though – who can claim success and who loses? 



          SOON, IT'LL BE SOON

                           (A serious LOVE STORY)


Meeting literally by accident, Shannon Bradshaw fell hard for Travis McBride. Believing that love had taken its time finding her – to be held and to be loved was all she ever dreamed it might be…her future seemed secure. Sadly, though, too soon her dreams were crushed. Travis McBride had a secret! One that would change her life in more than a profound way…begging the obvious questions – Is love blind? Did things happen too fast?

          Enter - Nikki Trent, Shannon’s very best friend in the world. Was she unknowingly intuitive? What did she say and what did she really believe?

Sharing their lives in every way while traveling love’s rocky road, it turned out, Shannon and Nikki will realize a most unusual and exciting adventure - one they never imagined could ever be possible. BUT, through it all, there was still…Travis McBride.

          SOON, IT’LL BE SOON, the author’s 8th novel, will seem like listening in on, or maybe over-hearing, or even participating in - too many conversations…you shouldn’t! Regardless, you’ll share in a journey unlike any ever before.


           The fourth love story from the pen of PETER L HARDING, (all in the vein of my author hero, Nicholas Sparks) - SOON, IT’LL BE SOON follows similarly the previous success of my other love stories - LOVE SURVIVES THE DREAM, THREE DAYS LATER and FOR THE LOVE OF…ANGEL.


       And now I can include a fifth, my latest 2020 release

ALL FOR THE LOVE OF A GIRL (Set in Cuba and moving to Miami, Florida) - it's a love story of epic three generational family proportions. I visited Cuba, stayed with locals in AirBnB's and loved  researching the facination of a country lost in time (the 1950's)...Stunning and yet beautiful. Cuba - a world unto itself! Available now on www.







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