An Australian who currently resides in Florida, the experienced worldwide traveler has lived and worked in five countries; his native Australia - New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain (London) & the USA.

His childhood years were spent in Fairbridge (Pinjarra, Western Australia); a home for unwanted children, where he was raised under strict supervision, before being sent alone into an unknown world at the age of sixteen. His first job was a store-packer-salesman in a Shoe Emporium in Perth. Considered free and able to get on with his life, soon, the wanderlust to travel emerged; inevitably, the world became his larger (real) educational playground. Spending 4 years in England, touring and working, a stand-out experience was in the shadows of the famous white Cliffs of Dover; a car-park-jockey and luggage handler to the English Channel Cross Continental Sea-Port Ferries to Belgium and France. But more travel, (and his love of music), beckoned!

In Canada, from car-park-jockey in Toronto, he pursued, then embarked on a career in music/radio as an on-air Radio Disc Jockey in Thunder Bay, Ontario, rising through the ranks to General Manager (Northwestern Ontario Broadcasting) Dryden. Then, after 5 years, it was back to his homeland, Australia; Program Director (Radio 4BK Brisbane). 

Four years later he switched musical chairs to join the record industry, RCA Ltd (Australia) Sydney. His next appointment; General Manager RCA Ltd (New Zealand). On returning to Australia, media credentials were extended via the print media conglomerate (Queensland Newspapers) as General Manager (Daily Telegraph). Three years later, he went back to his roots, Radio; General Manager Radio (4BK) Brisbane where he would remain for the next ten years before retiring from media - period!

Expectedly, the mystery of travel beckoned; Tour Guide out of Australia. Traveling extensively by bus, through Europe - the job was a natural! Then, a partnership, combining Sports Management, (football, cricket, swimming and surf-lifesaving) followed, including a host of exciting global activities, many on the West Coast (California) USA. In 1995 he remarried. San Diego became his new home. A decade later, he  moved to Florida. Close to his two children, Justin and Lisa and their growing family, they still reside in Brisbane, Australia. Despite losing his wife Lynne to cancer, accepting life is for living - today, tomorrow remains as exciting as yesterday! His motto, acted on throughout his life - ''The world steps aside to let everyone pass - if, they know where they are going.'